From the abundant native beech forests to the surrounding lakes and picturesque mountain ranges, Maruia Retreat is a hub of inspiration and adventure, starting with its own backyard.

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Surrounded by 500 acres of exquisite native beech forests, rugged mountain ranges, gardens and terraces, Maruia Retreat is an extensive natural estate nestled alongside the magnificent Maruia River.

The Estate showcases its beauty through the 11km of nature trails and mountain biking tracks found on the property. In close proximity to The Lodge, both Braeburn and Lyell tracks are perfect for guests wanting to explore the glorious inner West Coast region.

Traversed by five creeks, Maruia River Retreat is home to wild deer, goats, numerous native bird species and boasts some of the best fly fishing New Zealand has to offer.

Private chartered flights and scenic aerial tours can be arranged as the estate has a 480 metre airstrip, a private hangar and a helicopter landing area.



A stunning display of estate history and beauty, the Maruia River Retreat gardens have been carefully maintained and manicured for over 40 years. A full sensory experience, the garden follows the edge of the rambling Maruia River and features exotic and native flora and fauna, gentle sloping lawns, a fruit orchard and an organic kitchen garden bearing delicious seasonal produce.

Explore Maruia’s botanical beauty and enquire here about our private garden tours.

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The Estate is fronted by the Maruia River, which runs for over a kilometre from the very doorstep of the Maruia Estate. Offering a multitude of recreational adventures, guests are invited to swim, raft or kayak in the gin-clear waters of the Maruia River, just a stone’s throw away from the villas.

The Maruia River is also world renowned for its trout fishing, with many of the best fishing spots in New Zealand located directly in front of the property. For more information on trout fishing or kayaking and rafting expeditions, please enquire here.



We are constantly developing our walking tracks to open an ever-increasing amount of terrain for you to enjoy and explore. Sign-up to our newsletter for updates.

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Murchison and the Tasman region are known for their many adventure tourism options on offer. Murchison is famous for its kayak training school, considered by many to be the best in the world. Numerous action sports from mountain biking, kayaking, white-water rafting, the Buller Swing Bridge, the Buller Jet boat, as well as helicopter and airplane tours are within a few minutes drive, and pickups can be arranged directly from the Lodge.

Both the Braeburn and Lyell tracks are accessible from the Lodge. More information on these Great Walks of NZ here.